Horace "Dave" Thomas

Wicker Artisan Extraordinaire

Wicker Furniture made in Jamaica

Examples of just a few of the different wicker furniture made by Dave.

Please don't confuse Dave's work with Asian made mass produced and plastic wicker furniture. This furniture is made with completely different material that can only be obtained in the Carribean and here in Jamaica and are built with love and pride. Natural wicker furniture is not intended for outdoor use. The sun and weather destroy it unless it is treated regularly. Dave's wicker furniture is always slightly different from each other. The number under the pictures is for reference only. If there is a wicker furniture piece you see here and you would like one please refer to the number to inquire about it or to order it.  All pieces are made to order as Dave does not have a warehouse full of this stuff. It will be of that style but may not look exactly the same. The prices are by quote only. Please give us a call. Please see Contact page. Shipping is extra and the cost depends on where you live.

Below you will see the Step by Step development of a wicker couch. All the material is harvested by hand and you can watch some of the videos HERE. There is also a video below showing the wrapping of the wood.