Horace "Dave" Thomas

Wicker Artisan Extraordinaire


I am currently looking for clients that are interested in purchasing Jamaican made wicker baskets, wicker furniture, wicker repairs and custom one of a kind pieces.

Please don't confuse my work with Asian made mass produced baskets. My baskets are made with completely different material that can only be obtained here in Jamaica and are built with love.

Perhaps you are contemplating a trip to Jamaica. My partner and I have a beautiful home in an inland Jamaican community. You can stay with us at our B&B and we do tours to popular or unknow tourist destinations. If you are interested I also give a course in wickermaking. I will take you out and show you how to collect the raw material and then guide you through the process of using that material to make your very own creation to show your friends back home. We have a lot of FUN!!!

I can be reached by Phone, Email and Twitter.

You can also visit other pages on this site for a bit of an overview.

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