Horace "Dave" Thomas

Wicker Artisan Extraordinaire

Bob Marley Tour Experience

Example of one of the special tours hosted by Dave.

Dave doesn't just build wicker baskets and furniture.  He is a Rastafari and who would be more qualified to take you on a tour of Bob Marley's birthplace than him. Reggae is in his blood and he grew up during Marley's hayday.

We offers a plethora of different tours but one of the most spiritual and cultural tours you can take is the visit to Nine Mile. This is the place you go (outside of Kingston) to see the REAL Jamaica unless you come to stay with us at our home. Nine Mile is not only the birthplace of Reggae King Bob Marley, but also the place where he and his mother were laid to rest.

Many tourists in Jamaica miss out on the beauty of the rural, inland regions because they tend to stick to the coast, so this excursion is also a great way to explore the lovely scenery around Nine Mile and Mount Zion. You will pass through some villages on the way and can get some idea how the average Jamaican actually lives.

Highlights of the tour:

Visit Nine Mile and learn all about Bob Marley's life.

See Bob Marley's birthplace, his house and final resting place.

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery that surrounds Mt. Zion and Nine Mile.

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We have a very small vehicle so the maximum we can accomodate is 3 people.

Tour Price: Bob Marley Experience - Negril to 9 Mile (min) 2 people= $295  does not include entrance fee. (tour length 8 - 9 hours)

* Prices subject to change without notice.  All prices are in $US

If Negril is not where you are staying (Lucea, Montego Bay, Falmouth, Ocho Rios or Kingston for example) please call or email for special tour prices.

Please contact us for more information